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CPSQ - Technical and Hardware Requirements


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The minimum technical requirements that each computer must have to be able to run CPSQ (and other online Admissions Testing tests) correctly are shown in the table below:



Minimum requirements


Pentium III 800 MHz or equivalent


512 MB

Free hard drive space

4 GB

Screen Resolution

1280 x 1024

Operating System

Windows XP or later.   Apple OSX

Internet bandwidth

1 Mbps

Web browser

Chrome (recommended), Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari

Adobe Reader

Latest version (must be able to read PDFs).

Adobe Flash Player

Version 10.1

Sound Card



Note: The Cambridge English Test portal and any tests run through it are not currently supported on iOS or Android devices.


The minimum bandwidth requirements are for each computer running the test. When running multiple tests concurrently on the same internet connection you should ensure this bandwidth is available to each computer.


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