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Information for Exams Officers at schools/colleges looking to offer admissions tests

Candidates can sit admissions tests at their own school or college or via one of our open centres. If you are an Exams Officer and you wish to administer admissions tests to your own students, please read the information below.

Applying to become a centre

If you wish to apply to become a centre, please complete and submit the Centre Approval Form.

If approved, you will be registered as a centre and will be able to offer admissions tests to students at your school or college. Your contact details will not be listed on our website and they will not be given to other candidates looking for a centre in your area. Centres who offer admissions tests just to their own students are sometimes referred to as closed centres or internal centres.

If you wish, you can request to become an open centre. Open centres are eligible to run tests to external candidates and their contact details are available on our website.

Registering your students

Candidates are registered for our admissions tests and assessments through our secure online Entries Extranet. If you become a centre you will receive login details to access this site. You will then need to log-on to the Extranet before the advertised entry deadline date(s) to make your candidates' entries for the tests.

Administration of admissions tests

We provide our centres with documentation and guides to assist with test administration and support throughout the entire process.

As a test centre, you would be responsible for:

  • running the tests under secure international examination conditions
  • keeping the test papers secure
  • arranging for experienced invigilator/s to oversee the test at the correct time
  • returning all test materials promptly to us via courier


There are no fees for becoming a centre, but there are entry fees for some of our tests:

  • There are currently entry fees for the BMAT, STEP and TMUA tests. The total of all entry fees for these tests will be invoiced to your centre at the time of the tests.
  • Currently, there are no entry fees for the CAT, ELAT, HAT, MAT, MLAT, OLAT, PAT, Philosophy Test, TSA Oxford or University of Cambridge pre-interview assessments.

As well as charging your candidates for any entry fees, you may also charge an administration fee to cover administrative expenses such as hiring an invigilator, room hire and courier costs.

Any other questions?

Please complete and submit the Centre Approval Form to apply to become a centre.

Additional information about requirements for centres is available here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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