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Results Availability - BMAT, ELAT, TSA Oxford, STEP


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Information for candidates looking to access BMAT, ELAT, TSA Oxford and STEP results

BMAT, ELAT, TSA Oxford and STEP results are available online for 60 days from the results release date. After 60 days, the information is no longer retained within the Results Online system.

Results are only valid for that year's university applications and cannot be carried over to a re-application. Your score from one year will not affect your chances if you re-apply in later years, as each application is considered afresh.

For these reasons, we are unable to provide you with a re-issue of your Statement of Results document.

If you have not accessed your results before the deadline, we can only recommend that you contact the Exams Officer who made your entry for the test to check if they have downloaded your results.

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