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Access arrangements: STEP and the November session


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This article contains information for candidates taking the following tests:


  • BMAT
  • University of Cambridge pre-interview assessments
  • CAT, ELAT, HAT, MAT, MLAT, OLAT, PAT, the University of Oxford Philosophy Test, Thinking Skills Assessment (Oxford)
  • STEP
  • Test of Mathematics for University Admission


Access arrangements are available for candidates with certain conditions who have an established history of need and provision. Such candidates may need extra working time, or to use a laptop or other physical support (the type of arrangements available will depend upon the test being taken).


Am I eligible?


Your school/college or open centre will be able to apply for access arrangements, to help you take the test on an equal footing with other candidates, if you have a permanent or long-term disability which might affect your performance. Some example conditions might include, but are not limited to:

  • sight impairment
  • dyslexia
  • dyspraxia
  • dysgraphia
  • working memory deficit
  • cerebral palsy

You may also be eligible for access arrangements if you have a short-term difficulty, such as a broken arm.


What can I apply for?


The access arrangements you are eligible for will depend on the exact nature of your condition and most often will be the same as those you would get while taking a public examination at your school. These could include:

  • modified materials
  • extra time
  • use of laptop

Extra-time and use of a bilingual dictionary** as an access arrangement for non-native speakers of English is not available for admissions tests.

**Bilingual dictionaries can be used by STEP candidates whose first language is not English.



How do I apply?


Your school/college or open centre will be able to apply for access arrangements on your behalf at the time of making your entry, so please let them know of any requirements you may have as early as you can. You will need to provide your centre with medical evidence to support your application.

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