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A Results Enquiry request can be made if a candidate thinks there has been an error in the processing or reporting of their BMAT results and therefore the results do not reflect performance on the day of the test.


How do I submit a Results Enquiry?


Requests for Results Enquiries must be made using this online form:



You should receive the re-mark results within 5 working days of submitting the form.


Please be aware that, following a Results Enquiry, results can go down as well as up and this could affect your university application.


A Results Enquiry cannot proceed without the candidate’s consent.


What is the deadline?


The completed form must be submitted within 5 working days of the results being published.


What are the fees for submitting a Results Enquiry?


The current fee for a BMAT Results Enquiry is £34 per candidate per test.

If there is any change to the original result, you will not be charged.


Application for a BMAT Result Enquiry


The Results Enquiry form is only to be used for querying the mark you received as a result of the test you took with us.


This form should only be used if your results are provided to you directly by us. For results released by your institution, please contact the institution directly who can refer cases on to us if appropriate.


If you have any other queries, please check our FAQs, and contact us if you still require any further assistance.

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