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This article contains information for BMAT and Test of Mathematics for University Admission candidates regarding entry fee reimbursement.


Institutions using BMAT and the Test of Mathematics for University Admission want to ensure that the entry fee is not a barrier to access or widening participation.


In some cases, we can reimburse registration fees based on ability to pay. We reimburse standard entry fees to eligible candidates. You will need to pay your test centre your entry fee, which will be reimbursed to you if you are eligible for reimbursement.


Late entry fees and administration fees cannot be reimbursed.


Reimbursement application form


The Reimbursement application form will be available here from 1 September 2017.


Please note that, when submitting your reimbursement application, you will be required to upload ONE supporting document. For further information, and to check whether or not you are eligible to apply, please see the Costs section of the BMAT and Test of Mathematics for University Admission webpages.

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